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Eren Hasip


I wear many hats, have a look at some of them below. :)



I love taking things apart and rebuilding them and I have been blessed to be able to work in so many fields expanding my many skills.


Eren Hasip CG Artist 

I've worked in Computer Graphics for a majority of my life and I love it.  My first experience was instructing elementary students on the basics of computer graphics through a program called Kids Muse.  This lead to a job at The Computer Technology Institute, where I taught a variety of students; from 6-16 a multitude of programs from basics of photoshop and illustrator to introduction 3D Studios Max and Animation.  I graduated from Seneca College for Game Design in 2007.  I learned how to use Unreal Editor and was taught how to use the Vicon system for Motion Capture and also for cleanup of raw Capture Data.

I have had the pleasure of working in the Interactive and web design field.  I've worked with Computer Vision and Multitouch systems (rear projection, FTIR, laser based) in conjunction with Engineers and Programmers to overcome a multitude of issues, I would be onsite for build up and tear down for live events or troubleshooting, I also had a chance to talk with a variety of our clients throughout the world using skype and remote viewing to give lesson on how to use the proprietary systems and also for troubleshooting.  This was a great challenge that I really enjoyed working in.

I've recently been working in Motion Graphics for Broadcast.  I've worked on Emmy Nomiated Packages Intentional Talk and NBA Allstar Game on TNT on both packages wearing many hats from modelling, texturing, rigging carnival rides, illustrating posters, simulating SFX using Fume and Rayfire, what a great joy it was to learn so much.  The deadlines were tough but the sense of accomplishment was greater.


I currently live and work in Toronto and am looking for a Fulltime Postion at a Studio working with 3D for Broadcast,Interactive or Web.


-Ero :)



Majority of the studios I've worked for have required a quick turn around due to budgetary limitations or broadcast deadlines

I really love this stuff and with the industry continually going through revolutions in technology, I enjoy learning a new program and seeing how far I can push it to create interesting peices to draw viewers attention.

Working with the amazing team at BigStudios:

  • Emmy Award Winning Package : NBA Allstar Game on TNT

  • Emmy Award Nominated Package: MLB Network Intentional Talk

  • Working with the Imagin8 team:

  • Cobb & Douglas Safety Village : Award by FEMA for Interactive rooms for children to better understand states of emergency using computer vision and projection technology

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    Eren Hasip



    Here's some of the work I've had the pleasure of working on throughout my career, though some may be dated by time and technology I still appreciate the things I've learned from their challenges and hurdles.

    portfolio img

    NHL Tonight- background


    portfolio img

    Diamond Backs- set reproduction 

    portfolio img

    concept/audi olympics- character kitbash retex


    portfolio img

    NHL tonight- rotoscope


    portfolio img

    mtm- opening sequence compositing animation

    portfolio img

    NHL tonight - compositing of rendered elements



    I'm always interested in new mediums and love working with interactive media!